Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Retta's Room

Here are some before and after pictures of Retta's room.

When we first moved into the house. Excuse the mess...

I repainted it shortly after we moved in.

And repainted it when we found out we were having a girl. For now we still have the guest bed in there.

It seems like her little laundry hamper is always full.

This was an old plant stand that I repainted and then decoupaged a piece of scrapbook paper on top.

I made a pendant banner instead of curtains over the roman shades.

I didn't have any cute fabric so I used scrapbook paper and stapled them to a piece of ribbon. (the lazy man's version)

The picture is of cowgirls at the 1911 Roundup. My Dad made the frame out of old barnwood and I threw some pearls on it to girl it up a bit.

I made these tissue paper balls (not sure of the correct term) and they were super easy.

Instead of a crib skirt, I used two different colors of tuling and wove them through the bars of the crib.

This is when we first moved in. I painted the dresser in the picture black and put new knobs on it. Goes good with the black crib.

My next project is to get the master bedroom finished. I need a deadline like I had with Retta's room (my due date).

New Babies!

We are back! Time has flown by since our last post! Spring and summer were a blur and so much has happened with us…like two new babies. Larissa and Joe had a baby girl on July 5.

Londen Lind
7 lbs 7 oz

And Zach and I had a baby girl on August 9.

Retta Reece
7 lbs 10 oz

Randen and Mesa love the babies and like to touch their faces and grab their noses.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

Last weekend us girls, Zach, and the kids invaded Mom and Dad's house. It was lots of fun. Dad's dog, Rosie, had puppies just weeks before so we got to play with them.

Mesa & Rissa eyeing the pups.

And we're over the puppies.

Mesa checking out her Mom's old playhouse and fantasizing about the day she can play in it.

Dad teaches the kids piano lessons or maybe vice versa.

Randen finds Auntie's camera.

And takes several pictures before we can get it away from him. These are some of the better ones.

Photography by Randen

Randen wondering why we took the camera away from him.

The cousins chilling together.


In January, Zach and I rescued a Yellow Lab that had been abandoned and was temporarily living with Joe and Larissa. We couldn't decide on a name so when our friend's son suggested Husker, we went with it. He's the sweetest puppy ever and well behaved (as I watch him chew up one of my dress shoes).

He likes normal puppy stuff like playing fetch, chasing the chickens, chewing on shoes and laying in front of the TV.

He also likes to go coyote hunting with Zach. Their first trip out proved to be very successful!

I'm not sure who was more excited, Zach or Husker.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drink anyone?

At Thanksgiving, my Mother-in-Law wanted to give me some stuff and said that if I didn't want it to just get rid of it. The "stuff" were these retro cowboy drinking glasses. Heck yes I want them!

There are four different sizes with different scenes.

Cowboys around the fire with the chuckwagon in back.

A cowboy getting bucked off a bronc.

Roping and branding calves on the open range.

Cowboy roping a maverick in the pasture.

Here are a few of them in my Hoosier cabinet.
With no writing or stamp on them, I'm not sure of the brand or era. I'm guessing 1950 or 1960s. Whatever the era, I love 'em!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of us. Here she poses in front of her fireplace at her new house.
She proved herself as a top-notch cook and hostess. The ham was the best ever, the turkey was wonderful. The stuffing was hands-down, no-contest, the best I have ever had.

She set a gorgeous table. Note the bench on the left side. It is a very neat find.
She even took it to a whole. nutha. level...

Turkey cheeseball!

Mesa's Dresser- Before and After

I had bought a dresser several years ago at a junk shop. I didn't really know what I would do with it, but it had two huge drawer and a mirror on the top. I started stripping the paint right away, but put the project aside when I got to the mirror. It had some router work on the frame that was giving me fits when I tried to remove the paint.
So when Mesa needed a dresser, I just stained the dresser and then did some painting on the mirror so that I could get it done. (instant gratification)

The colors on the mirror frame match the colors of her curtains, which are bandanas. They also match the little decoupage that I did on the drawers.

One drawer says "Cowgirl" and the second drawer says "Gear." The next time we want to redo her room, we can just scrape these off pretty easily.